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Friday, January 18, 2008

My Sweet Sunshine

Okay, i've once again been guilty of sloth. But somehow now that i've got a job n all it's getting increasingly difficult to sit down and write a blog, almost to the point of being excruciating....

But as Nehru might say, change is rest.... and so, just for the heck here is a poem that i penned a while back....

A lone snowdrop rests as darkness heaves its chest
The moonshine cries as if it were of lonely angst
My eyes search for some sleep tonight
My heart longs for your smile tonight

My mind knows not how you fly into the horizon of my dreams
The breeze knows not how you sit on my eye’s swings
The ears so eager, straining to hear your footsteps
My legs so weak, yearning to drop to the knees

The dawn then throws a bindi with pride
As though the sky were his newly wed bride
I’ve laid down some flowers, and lit up some lamps

I seek out your presence near me, oblivious of bliss…..


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